A KeyMailer AlternativeThat Won't Nickel & Dime You

TwitchMetrics: The Keymailer alternative that makes game promotion a success, not a gamble. Finally, a game key distribution platform both developers and content creators will appreciate.

Left Keymailer for TwitchMetrics. Love the diverse talent pool. It's a whole new audience!

Lily S.

Switched to TwitchMetrics from Keymailer. The clear pricing is the key differentiator. No hidden fees just to message someone"

Chris M.

From Keymailer to TwitchMetrics the user verification is top-notch. No more "I swear I'm xQc" impersonators.

Sam R.

Keymailer was a trailblazer.We're taking the next step.

Keymailer is an impressive platform with a truly innovative product. Modern game key distribution platforms like TwitchMetrics wouldn’t be where they are today without them.

That being said, you’re here for a reason. The truth is, Keymailer is a generic tool designed to cater to a broad range of audiences, needs, and industries.

If you’re okay with using a platform that may present verification issues and unexpected costs, TwitchMetrics might not be the right choice for you. But if you care about fostering authentic, effective partnerships with a diverse range of content creators, you’re in the right place.

A Fundamentally Different Game Promotion Experience

Manually searching for high-value streamers among a sea of viewbotters and impersonators.

Discover streamers for your game that have verified viewership and historical data.

Streamer Discovery

Effortlessly identify high-value streamers who resonate with your target audience

Performance Tracking

Generate reports on viewership, interactions, and watched hours with a simple click

Authentic Partnerships

Establish genuine, direct partnerships between your brand and streamers

Game Key Optimization

Assure promotion and optimal usage of every game key

Diverse Talent

Access to a diverse roster of streamers, opening up new audience segments.

Free Trial

Experience the TwitchMetrics difference! Start your free trial today!

Founder of Muon Marketing, Adam Walters

"TwitchMetrics eases the process of connecting game developers with diverse streamers. It excels past competitors by eliminating the hassle of verifying authentic users and having straight forward pricing."

Adam Walters
Founder @ Muon Marketing

Make Streamer Discovery a Priority

With TwitchMetrics, you can identify high-value streamers in seconds, impressing your target audience and reducing the steps needed to find the perfect fit. Creators with high value audiences apply to your campaigns without you lifting a finger.

With Keymailer, you have to manually search for promising streamers, or underwhelming creators apply to your campaigns.

TwitchMetrics Disovery Platform
TwitchMetrics Campaign Tracking

Instantly Monitor Performance.

With TwitchMetrics, users can easily track viewership, interactions, and watched hours at the click of a button.

With Keymailer, the burden is on the user to compile these statistics manually.

Set Authentic Partnerships.

With TwitchMetrics, you can directly link your brand with streamers, creating genuine partnerships.

With Keymailer, users have to rely on agencies or marketplaces for streamer partnerships.

Protect your Game Keys.

With TwitchMetrics, every game key is optimally used, with each creator verified to ensure promotion.

With Keymailer, game keys may go unused, leading to missed promotional opportunities.

Diversify your Talent Pool.

With over 250,000 creators on TwitchMetrics, you have access to a diverse roster of streamers, opening up new audience segments.

With Keymailer, users often encounter a repetitive roster of talent applying for campaigns.

Monitor your Brand Reputation.

With TwitchMetrics, monitor how your brand is showing up in Twitch chat, keeping tabs on mentions across all of your sponsored channels.

With Keymailer, there is no built-in system to monitor your brand reputation.

Emphasize User Verification.

With TwitchMetrics, the verification of users is a top priority, ensuring that no impersonators or viewbotters are on the platform.

With Keymailer, user verification has been a point of contention, leading to issues with trustworthiness.

Switch in Under 15 Minutes

You shouldn't feel uncertain about your platform for game promotion. Switch to TwitchMetrics, and people will be praising your strategic approach to content creation and game key distribution. It's the connection platform both developers and streamers will appreciate.

After I switched to TwitchMetrics, people are praising my game promotion strategy! Thanks for boosting my brand's reputation

Alexandra G.

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