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Twitch Influencers: Costs, Who to Work With & How to Win

Marketing is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when a print ad will bring customers to your brand. Vivid imagery and recorded video footage are even growing stale. The latest trend in marketing is live content because it gives your customers a way to engage.

There’s no need to create live content for your brand because you can work with Twitch personalities for influencer marketing. There are countless benefits to this type of partnership, as you’ll learn in this overview.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform that launched in 2011. It was originally meant for gamers to share their live gameplay footage. The content has since expanded to include creative content, music, and even talk shows.

According to Twitch, the site has over 27 million users that spend at least 95 minutes per day on the platform. That’s a significant amount of time, which is why Twitch has become an attractive option for marketing.

What’s a Twitch Influencer?

Twitch influencers provide fun, engaging content by not just recording their screen but also recording themselves. This way, viewers get to see the game but also see the streamer in the corner. You get to know the streamer by watching them and live chatting while they record.

People enjoy watching Twitch streams because it feels more fun than just watching recorded content. The streamer plays a game or interacts with content the audience likes. Since the influencer can see the live chat, they can talk to viewers while they stream. This feature helps the audience feel more involved with the influencer, creating a sense of trust.

Twitch’s Audience

Twitch averages more than three million concurrent viewers at any given time. The average Twitch viewer watches streams for about 90 minutes a day. Most subscribers spend at least 20 hours a week on the site. Daily active users have watched almost three billion hours of content, compared to YouTube’s 700 million hours. Clearly, the interactive aspect of Twitch gaming influencers draws viewers.

About 65% of Twitch users are male, and 73% are younger than 35 years old. Knowing that demographic data can help businesses know who they’ll reach with a Twitch partnership. However, when you break it down, you’ll find that the majority of fans are 16 to 24. Still, 10% of users are over 45, so you’ll reach a broad audience with this platform.

Why You Should Hire a Twitch Influencer

Hiring a Twitch influencer is an effective way to increase your brand awareness. Twitch influencers have built their audience from nothing. They use their personality and gaming community to create content fans love. The more they broadcast, the more viewers they draw in. As viewers engage with the streamer and their content, they build trust with them.

They can relate to the influencer because they know their personality and how they game. Therefore, if the streamer backs your product, their audiences are more likely to engage with your brand. So partnering with a Twitch personality means you’ll get live content regarding your product and also reach a new, broad audience.

Create Live Content

Live content is more engaging than static ads. It allows more interaction than a blog post, too. Users don’t have to stop and make time to read a long post of text before learning about your product. The research found that 80% of people would prefer to watch a live video instead of reading a blog post, even if both outlets share the same information.

When people comment on a blog post, they won’t get an immediate response. Some business owners rarely engage with customers through blog comments. Because blog comments are so stagnant, it’s hard to convey the tone of voice that represents your business’s values.

Commenting on a live Twitch stream is completely different. The live chat dynamic makes it so the streamer sees the chat in real-time. They can answer questions, show unique features of the product, and talk about why they like it.

Streamers can also record behind-the-scenes content, which viewers love. They like learning tips and tricks about products they wouldn’t find any other way. A video review of your product on Instagram is one thing, but having an influencer share their experience elevates the product in a whole new way.

Built-In Audiences

Knowing how to design an ad that’s going to demand attention can be tough. You have to think about your ideal audience and what will make them stop scrolling long enough to engage with your product. If you miss them with one ad, it can be hard to win them back in the future. Consumers are naturally skeptical of online marketing, so you have to play it safe.

Twitch influencer marketing means you don’t need to know details about your ideal audience. You can find the right influencer for your product and trust that their audience has enough of the same interests and qualities that your brand will appeal to them as well.

This approach saves you time and energy because you don’t need to profile your audience as extensively. You don’t have to think of ads that will appear to each market of your potential audience because the streamer does that for you. They have their own style and know their viewers, so the product placement will feel more organic for everyone involved.

A major plus of Twitch influencer marketing is that you can also access new buyers. If you’re choosing a partnership based on the influencer alone, you won’t know the exact reach of their audience. They might have a more diverse viewership than you thought about selling to, so you’ll naturally get those buyers from the collaboration.

Unique Marketing Angle

People know that every business online is trying to sell its product to anyone who’s remotely interested. Placing ads on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t guarantee that the ideal audience is seeing your brand. Instead, you’re just throwing away your marketing budget and putting out ads that people scroll right past.

When you partner with a Twitch influencer, you’re choosing someone who suits your brand. You know this influencer will enjoy your product and showcase it in a unique way. Their audience will get excited about a new item that’s aligned with their interests. Since they trust the influencer, and the influencer backs your product, the audience will know it’s right for them, too.

It’s easy to use a Twitch influencer because you only need to vet the personality and their channel. You don’t have to think about everyone who might want your product because the streamer does that for you. They’ll have their own approach to selling a product that works for them. 

You can give them guidelines, but you don’t have to input as much time and information as you would for a standard ad campaign. Giving the streamer a certain amount of freedom keeps the sale organic, so the viewers feel inclined to trust the influencer and want the product. Studies show that up to 74% of people buy products based on influencer support.

Twitch influencer marketing promotes your product and brand in a way that feels natural. Then you’re on the viewers’ minds, which can lead to more sales over time. They’ll remember that the streamer backed your business, so they’re more likely to buy from you later. That helps your brand maintain sales and grow over time.

How to Select the Right Twitch Influencer

There are different tiers of Twitch influencers, and these levels will impact your marketing budget. Nano influencers, for example, have up to 1,000 followers. They’re affordable to work with but might not have the audience reach you want.

Mega influencers, on the other hand, have more than a million followers. You might feel drawn to work with them because of their viewer scope, but they’re more expensive. They might also have a lot of brands wanting to work with them, so you want to make sure they’re not already partnered with a competitor.

After you find your ideal audience range, you want to think of the right influencer for your product. If you’re looking to sell to gamers and techies, then you should look for that type of streamer. You can check out their channel to see what their personality is like and if it aligns with your brand.

You can also check stats such as how many viewers they have per live video, how many followers, and how much they engage with their audience. You can dive deeper into how long people watch each stream so you know when to position your product placement for peak views. 

Costs of Working with Twitch Influencers

When you are working with Twitch streamers you can expect to pay $0.80-$1.20 per CCV per hour. So, if you are working with a streamer that gets 100 viewers on average, you can expect to pay them $80-$120 per hour for your promotion.

Fees can depend on your influencer’s audience size and how well your product or game aligns with the streamer. If it’s a product or game they already love or something they’d definitely use, then the partnership feels more natural. They won’t have to work as hard to find good things to say about your brand, so it’s easier on them.

However, you also have to consider the time that goes into a live stream compared to an Instagram post. Instagram influencers take a photograph, write a caption, and finish the post. Even if they’re sharing in Stories, there’s a set time limit. Twitch streams can last much longer, so you need to set a time expectation for your ads.

Once you find your ideal influencer, you still have to pitch your brand. Some personalities have an agency or manager screening all offers. In that case, you want to provide as much information as you can on the front end. You don’t want to make the manager or influencer have to ask you for more information because they’re too busy for that.

A media kit can help streamline the partnership process. Send all information with your first inquiry, including:

  • Your brand’s bio, background, and values
  • The reason the influencer matches your brand
  • Who you’re trying to reach for a target audience
  • Links to your website and social media profiles
  • Graphics and logos they would show on screen or put in their profile
  • The type of partnership you want, and the time commitment
  • How much you’re going to pay and what is required

With all this information, the influencer can make a decision if they want to partner with you or not. They’ll know that you’re asking for a certain amount of time, and they’ll make a certain amount of money. They can decide if it’s worth it for them and get back to you.

If you don’t partner with your first choice, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Twitch influencers know their audiences, so they know what products will go over well. They don’t want to try and sell a random item to viewers who wouldn’t buy it. It’d be a waste of money on your end, and the influencer would lose trust with their audience. Move on to your next pick and see how it goes.

Top Twitch Influencers

Micro and macro influencers are usually the best options for brand partnerships. They cover the scope of channels that have anywhere from 1,000 to one million followers. Influencer marketing within this range is ideal for promoting your brand because they’re not so big that they’re expensive, but you’ll get a diverse audience from their viewers.

Micro Twitch Influencers

Top Twitch influencers in the micro range have anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 followers. One plus of partnering with a micro-influencer is that they’re most likely still growing their channel. You can get a more affordable ad campaign with them. They often engage with commenters and viewers, so people trust them.


Brian Hull has YouTube and TikTok profiles where he does Disney voices, which earned him a huge fan base. On Twitch, he has almost 6,000 followers. Though he still entertains with his impressions, he also plays Kingdom Hearts and other Disney games.


This micro-influencer has almost 40,000 followers. He’s mostly active in the chatting realm of Twitch, highlighting news articles and interacting with fans in the comments. He also hosts discussions about military movies and how realistic they are since he’s a veteran. 


Samora has 35,000 followers that watch her play games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and Elden Ring. She has regularly scheduled streams four days a week, so you have a good chance of partnering with her and getting quality ads.


StorioniGirl has almost 20,000 followers on her channel. She regularly goes live playing Minecraft or Stardew Valley. She’s a classically trained violinist who also takes song requests on live streams. Her profile has tons of information about her background, so you can see if she’s the right fit for your brand.


WitchyTwitchy recently outgrew the micro-influencer category as she now has more than 60,000 followers. She has a vast audience because of her unique schedule. She plays games, makes art, and sometimes her stream is ASMR. Partnering with WitchyTwitchy means you can choose when she advertises your brand to get the right audience.

Macro Twitch Influencers

Macro Twitch influencers have 100,000 to one million followers. While these channels are exponentially larger than micro-influencers, they’re still an affordable partnership option. They’re creating quality content frequently enough that you’ll get a lot out of your collaboration, and a large audience will see it.


TheBlackHokage plays games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Apex Legends, and Sekiro. He also regularly hosts chat streams to interact with his 175,000 fans. He has a team of gamer friends called The Gaming Illuminaughty that pop into his streams frequently, so you can get a lot of diversity with this partnership.


CrankGameplays has over 500,000 followers and streams in many categories. You’ll find him playing Minecraft, Fortnite, or DOOM Eternal as often as he chats with viewers. This level of engagement makes him ideal for a brand partnership. He already has his own merch, so this streamer definitely knows what his audience likes.


TheDooo_ has nearly 400,000 followers that enjoy watching him play video games and make music. These diverse streams mean he has a vast audience. He’s previously partnered with Electronic Arts to play their games on live streams.


Formula has about 125,000 followers on Twitch but more than 4.5 million on YouTube. Grabbing this streamer for a Twitch partnership could have massive payoffs. He typically plays Fortnite and has partnered with major brands, so he’s a reliable choice.


Krystalogy is on the brink of becoming a macro influencer—her follower count is at 98,000. She’s popular for playing Minecraft, the Sims, Fall Guys, Tomb Raider, Valorant, and chatting. Since she’s a variety streamer, your brand is likely a great match for her audience. 


Kayla Sims is a huge Sims fan—and not just because of her name! She loves playing the Sims and Animal Crossing on Twitch. She’s previously partnered with Intel Gaming and YouTube. She has over 600,000 followers, and streams six days a week.


RiotGames has a following of over 300,000 gamers. He’s known for playing intense games like Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, and League of Legends. You can check out his schedule online, as well as find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more interaction and marketing.


Located in the United Kingdom, Valkia has been playing games for more than 20 years. His stream is only six years old, so it’s the perfect size for brand partnerships. He’s known for playing Call of Duty and Overwatch. Valkia has almost 300,000 followers on Twitch, as well as profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for cross-platform marketing.

Other Twitch Influencer Categories

While gaming streams are incredibly popular on Twitch, that’s not all the platform offers. You can partner with influencers in other fields as well and still manage to reach broad audiences thanks to Twitch’s scope.

Tech Influencers

Tech influencers are the most logical choice for brands that would also partner with the popular gamers mentioned above. Instead of recording live streams of gameplay, tech streamers test new technology and give their reviews. They can compare it to other devices and help viewers understand if they should buy the product or not.

Partnering with tech influencers might mean you send them your latest product to try. You might also ask them to mention your brand during their stream, link you in their profile, or wear a shirt with your logo on it. If your company has merch that appeals to techies, then you’re in for a fulfilling partnership.

Fashion and Beauty Influencers

Though 65% of Twitch’s user base is male, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from partnering with fashion and beauty influencers on the platform. Female streamers are somewhat rare, so they often get a lot of viewers when they go live. Other female gamers viewing the broadcasts love learning what products the streamers use.

You can partner with fashion and beauty influencers by sending your beauty products for them to try. They can either apply it during a stream or wear it and tell viewers why they like it. They can host closet try-ons, which are popular ways to showcase clothes on other social media outlets, too.

Art and DIY Influencers

Art and DIY influencers create finished products in real-time. They allow viewers to see their process, and some do step-by-step walkthroughs so the audience can create along with them. They can take requests to draw in a certain style or recreate a specific game character. These influencers also record videos of tips and tricks to repair or spruce up homes.

When you partner with these influencers, you can send them your products to use during the live stream. It’s a great option for brands that make art supplies, but you can also partner with an artist to have them recreate or revamp your logo. You get your brand out there while also getting a unique spin on your visual identity.

Lifestyle Influencers

There’s no limit to what lifestyle influencers cover. Some talk about the news or take you along on their travels. They might teach you how to cook a meal or give you a glimpse of their family life. 

Partnering with a lifestyle influencer means the sky’s the limit. These streamers can talk about any subject and make it relate to their personality. Regardless of your brand or product, you’re sure to find an ideal lifestyle influencer to help spread the word.

Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers are a big draw on Twitch. There are trainers at all levels hosting live stream workouts for people at home. Whether you want to get fit, build muscle, or find a peaceful yoga practice, there’s something for everyone. 

Even if your brand doesn’t relate to fitness, you can creatively partner with one of these influencers. Product placement works well with fitness influencers. Games translate well to fitness because the dedication and reward you feel after playing relate to exercising.

Types of Twitch Marketing

The live stream aspect of Twitch means there are plenty of different marketing approaches. Check out these options so you know how partnering with a Twitch influencer can elevate your business.

Channel Sponsorship Campaigns

Channel sponsorship campaigns, also called channel branding, are a way to get your brand identity and logo out there even when the influencer isn’t streaming. You’ll send them a high-quality banner to put on their profile. It’ll ensure viewers know who you are and what you offer even when there’s no live broadcast.

Many viewers read about the streamer before watching them. Even fans will check on an influencer’s profile periodically to see what information they’re sharing. You can also specify in the partnership that the streamer mentions it when they’re live. They can spotlight your brand and tell viewers to check out the links in their profile.

This partnership can cover any time limit. It’s a good idea for a long-term sponsorship because viewers associate your brand with the streamer. They’ll want to buy from you because you’re supporting someone they like. But even a short-term sponsorship can work well for your brand, especially if you include other types of marketing mentioned below.

Twitch Chatbots

When an influencer goes live, there’s a chat open for all viewers to chime in. The streamer can also see the chat and talk with the viewers that way. Using a chatbot will naturally integrate your product into the discussion. 

You can have the chatbot mention your product at different frequencies. The bot can mention your brand name, a link to your website, your slogan, social media handles, and more. The chatbot highlights each message in a color that stands out, ensuring your ads don’t get lost in the conversation. You can use this alone or in conjunction with product placement.

Product Placement

While most Twitch streams involve gaming, you don’t have to be a game company, or even in the tech field, to use product placement. 

Food delivery apps love partnering with Twitch users because it’s an organic partnership. A streamer loves the latest game so much that he doesn’t want to stop playing to eat meals. Thanks to the app in question, he doesn’t have to stop! He can order food from his phone and get it delivered to his doorstep. Viewers can relate to this situation.

If you find a streamer that’s a good match for your brand, you can collaborate with them to see what advertising approach feels natural. They’ll have certain ideas about how your product can fit into their life. You can give them some marketing guidelines and points to mention, but give them relative freedom, so the product placement seems organic.

Product placement can include mentions of your product or actually showing it on camera. In the previous food app example, the streamer could order food while streaming, hold it up after delivery, and then take a break to enjoy dinner. When he comes back, he could talk about what he ate, how easy it was to order, and how he’s not energized and ready to play more.

You could also use product placement in a less obvious manner. The streamer could drink your energy drink while broadcasting without explicitly calling attention to the can. It would seem natural, but viewers might mention it in the chat or ask questions about his favorite flavor.

Streamers can also wear shirts and hats with your brand name or logo on them. Again, this product placement can be as subtle as you want. They might just wear the hat every stream, so viewers notice. Or maybe they point to the logo and explain your company, what you offer, and why they like you.


Giveaways are a great way to inspire viewers to interact with the influencer in a way that pays off for both of you. The streamer can mention that they’re doing a giveaway during a certain broadcast, so the viewers get excited. That announcement will drive up the streamer’s numbers, which will help their Twitch standing, as well as increase their potential for future partnerships.

You can have stipulations of who can win a giveaway based on the influencer’s audience. For example, if they’re a gamer, they might have to interact with viewers on a group server and see who wins a short battle. The winner gets the free product.

You can also give out discount codes. You can give it away for free at a certain point in the stream to ensure viewers stick around to get it. Or you can make it more fun. For a gamer, this might mean he has to reach a certain level to earn a discount code for his followers. The viewers feel invested because they feel like part of the game, and they get a prize as a result.

The Effectiveness of Live Twitch Promotions

Finding the right Twitch streamer leads to native advertising. They’ll genuinely like and use your product, so their endorsement will mean more. The influencer will be able to show viewers how to use it and what they get out of it, enticing them to buy it themselves.

You can easily reach a younger audience by partnering with a Twitch streamer. People in the 16 to 34 age range watch live streaming content more than any other online activity.

Your product will instantly be more appealing to your target audience because it’s backed by someone they trust. They have a relationship with the Twitch streamer after engaging with the broadcasts, commenting, and chatting. Viewers know that they have enough in common with the streamer to appreciate the same products, so they’ll check out yours.

The Twitch streamer’s audience can give you new customers from the partnership. People who might not have found you naturally online or through social media can learn about your products from someone they like. You don’t have to know about this audience or target ads to them to reach them.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with a Twitch influencer is a unique marketing approach for your business. You can reach a broad audience by connecting with one individual. Find the right streamer for your product, and the advertising will flow naturally.

After learning about Twitch influencers and the different ways you can partner with them, you should have a good idea of how this outlet can help your business. Take advantage of this popular, unique marketing method to grow your business now!

Wyatt Mayham

Wyatt founded TwitchMetrics in 2016 and shares his knowledge about the business elements of the livestreaming and gaming world. With more than 10 years’ experience collaborating with gaming studios, developers, and agencies, he’s adept at increasing their game revenues through strategic partnerships with creators and PR and marketing strategies.